Fixing the Logitech S125i MiniDock

I picked up this little dock a while back and it has been a good little performer for charging and casual listening of Apple iDevices. Last night it had a sort of pink fit, turning on and off multiple times, then dead.

After checking the obvious; power supply and several different devices, it was time to disassemble and see what was going on. First trick was how to dismantle the little sucker… I unscrewed the battery holder underneath, moved it aside, and saw that the case was held together with screws from under the speaker grill area.

As you can see the white plastic surround is gently prized off, it is held on by plastic weld posts, and some of these were lost to the cause! The grill is next, again gently prying off with a sharp tool. Now remove four screws holding the speakers and the other four case screws, then pull apart.

It turns out the problem was cracked solder joints on the DC connector (circled below), re-soldering them with a little scrap wire on the PCB to give some mechanical strength, should make it last quite a bit longer.

Here’s another shot, this is the PCB…

and here we are all working once more, listening to some classic music!

18 thoughts on “Fixing the Logitech S125i MiniDock

    • On the speakers, gently pry off the white plastic surround (it is only fixed with plastic welds), then the white metal grilles, there are screws behind there. Read it again.

  1. Thanks for the really helpful info. I had the same symptoms as you, stripped it down using your guidelines but couldn’t find the dodgy connection. Kept trying the switch whilst manipulating anything that moved…. suddenly it worked … and has kept working after reassembly.

    Probably wouldn’t have got it apart without your help. Cheers.

  2. Thanks for the post mine had the same problem. Took a resister lead and bridged across the broken joints. Thanks again!!

  3. Thank you for your guide! It helped me so much. Now the the s125 is no beauty anymore because the disassembling left some marks on it 😉
    But at the garage it will do the job.

  4. This seems to be a common fault. What a pity that a nice little box could be let down by one small consistent error.

    I agree with anch. The description of the battery compartment screws suggest that it can be removed separately. After re-assembling, it appears that there is no point in removing the “obvious” screws at all.

    Otherwise, A bloody good article. It saved me hours of rubik’s cube frustration. My unit is running again, after months of my putting it off 😀

  5. Same Problem with 3 of these boxes. Opened it like you showed in on top and found out that the +pole is cracked in one box. Will open the other two boxes an other time. But still some S*it from logitech that all boxes crack at the same time.
    THX for your support. Helped me very much

  6. Brilliant. Thanks for that. Mine had split the track on the pcb after I had caught the wire a few times. Now I can listen to metal again whilst doing the list of jobs my wife has given me!

  7. Have 2 of these little beauties and now both have the same problem. They’ll work on battery but not on dc power supply. Not clear if all the folks who responded had the same issue. Will disassemble and have a look iaw your advice.

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