Maximite into a UBW32?







Firstly, apologies about the brevity of the following instructions, I’m a little time poor at the moment…

The Maximite (see Geoff Graham’s site here) is a great little Basic driven controller using the Microchip PIC323x processor. After reading the articles in Silicon Chip Magazine I decided to have a play with one.

What, too late, all sold out?! No stock until July or August?

After reading Geoff’s website, and he explaining that the Maximite Firmware (FW) would run in pretty much a standalone processor, I decided to have a look around and noticed the UBW32 from Sparkfun, why couldn’t I feed the Maximite FW into the UBW32?

Ocean Controls here in Australia had two in stock, so I ordered one. Which duly arrived the next day, I had a quick play with it and proved the UBW software was functioning OK. So I thought I’d try to download the Maximite FW via the UBW USB boot loader.

Na. Did not work.

The program loaded OK but would not run. I suspect the USB Bootloader and Application go hand in hand. i.e. you can’t use the UBW32 Bootloader with the Maximite FW. So I’d have to load the bootloader and Maximite FW via the ICSP programming header, to do this you need the Microchip PicKit3 programmer.

In the end it was really quite simple… load up the MPLab programming environment (this comes with the PicKit, but I have the latest from the Microchip website), set the processor to the 32MX795, Import the Maximite combined Bootloader and Maximite 2.1 FW and program it. I had my UBW running on a power supply during programming.

Suddenly I had Windows identifying unknown hardware on the USB port called “Maximite” this had to be a good sign!

The next step was to load the drivers for the Silicon Chip serial over USB link, and yes this is a different driver to the UBW32 one.

…and there it was the Maximite 2.1 Basic prompt in my Tera Term window!!

The next steps in a few weeks time will be to build some of the Maximite support hardware around the UBW, such as video out, SD Card reader, keyboard connection, etc…

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