Turnigy TX9 Transmitter backlight mod.

While my Towel was convalescing, I decided to add a white back light to the Turnigy TX9 transmitter. Hobbyking supply this as a little kit,” all you need is a screwdriver”… I would add.. ‘and a little manual dexterity’.

I pulled my TX9 apart, there’s a pictorial guide under the part listing on the Hobbyking website here. It was all straight forward, the cabling of the adapter is a little stiff and because the back light panel doesn’t fit neatly into the space, it will drag it about as you reassemble. The suggested double sided tape will help, once the back light has adhered to the foam it will allign every time. Use thin double sided tape – the thick stuff I used showed up under the back-lighting. I also found the Menu micro switch died in the process, I think this happened when the switch didn’t allign correctly with the button hole, I replaced it with a similar one from my parts.

I think the back light is worth the effort and helps the display readability even in daylight.

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